In Troubled Times

It sticks like the glue of perspiration in a sun-kissed, humid country.  You could flag a frail finger out and touch it in the stagnant air. The lingering putrid odour of a wild beast that you do not wish to encounter in a dark confusing jungle. It is palpable. The scent of war. To those… Continue reading In Troubled Times


Russian Literature

Spotted this street-art in ta flea market in Paris. Tolstoy is a hottie, hands down (See my previous post on War and Peace for more. ). Dostoevsky the ultimate bad-boy you were warned about. Chekhov the man with all the right words. Gogol, Bulgakov, Pushkin, Nabokov...dream-boats aplenty.

On Life, Death and Happiness

Citations from War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy (1869)   Who's right, and who's wrong? No one. You're alive — so live: tomorrow you'll die, just as I could've died an hour ago. And is it worth the suffering, when there is only a second left to live compared with eternity? "What is bad? What is good?… Continue reading On Life, Death and Happiness